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Our products are sewn by hand in our own workshop in Germany. Our leather originates from the Alps in southern Germany and it is tannend and dyed with natural ingredients only. With a special technique during the process of dyeing we can preserve the structure of the skin as it is. Our products are produced in Germany exclusively. Even the packaging comes from manufacturers in Germany and is made by hand. Every single product represents our values and philosophy.


Our design is uncompromisingly understated. Thus the exclusive craftsmanship is emphasized. It is meant for people who are looking for special quality and enjoy details. The clear lines of our products emphasize the exclusive manufacturing. The designs will appeal to discerning customers looking for uncompromising exclusivity and unparalleled craftsmanship.


For L E A N D E R  R I E D L, it is all about Understanding the dreams of its customers. We take the finest materials we can find, make special designs for our customers, take the materials through the process of german engineering and build customized products on the highest level of quality standards.