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the first Portefeuilles Fabrique was founded in Frankfurt, Germany. By the middle of the 18th century, the portefeuilles industry in Frankfurt was known throughout Europe for its exclusive manufacturing and luxury and exported 70 percent of their Portefeuilles since then. 1871, in Frankfurt and Offenbach there were 58 manufacturers with over 2500 workers. But in 1873, the rapid development of the depression and the negative international economic developments put a damper on the industry. In the late 70s and 80s the Frankfurter Portefeuillers, who had survived, came back and dominated the international market again. Especially rich banker from Frankfurt, for whom leather goods were individually customized, were among the trendsetters this times. 1914, 4.500 workers were employed in Frankfurt and Offenbach again. While the 1950s were characterized by an unprecedented boom, that changed, in the course of the 1960s. Traditional manufacturers shifted their production abroad and in 1973 the last tannery in Offenbach closed its doors. To date, only a handful of leather craftsman remained. They didn’t join the majority and relied on their craftsmanship.