Everything we do
Leander Riedl - Workshop

Everything we do, we believe in understatement.

We believe in not taking oneself too much.

We believe in the inner values counting.

We give expression to this by designing subtile products. Products, that tell through the composition of materials and details and by no distraction.

This, we do by preserving to the highest standard of quality, service and unparalleled craftsmanship.




A journey through the engineering process, which contributes to and shapes Leander Riedl’s world…


Made to order

Once you select your Leander Riedl product, we start the engineering process of your accessory.



Your initials, your signature, your personal adaptions can be brought to life on any Leander Riedl creation.



Every ring, every bracelet and any individual creation is handmade, one by one, in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.



Packed in a handmade slipcase, your Leander Riedl accessory will find its way, safe and sound.